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Opis ferii zimowych po angielsku

Kategoria: Język angielski   |   Dodano: 13 lutego 2011   |   Liczba słów: 213

Użyte w wypracowaniu trudniejsze wyrazy:

backyard – podwórko
barbecue – ruszt, grill, przyjęcie z grillem
the country – wieś, okolica wiejska, prowincja
countryside – wieś, okolica, krajobraz
favourable – korzystny, sprzyjający, łaskawy
hillside – zbocze, stok
outside - na zewnątrz, na powietrzu
sledge – sanie, sanki, zjeżdżać na sankach
snowman – bałwan śniegowy

I spent my winter vacation at my home. During holiday I read an interesting book, watched some television, played computer games, surfed the internet and listened to the music. I also managed to spend some time outside the house, at the backyard. Weather was quite favourable and the temperature was just a few degrees below zero. We had a lot of fun with snow. Together with my brother we made a beautiful snowman in the garden behind our house.
One day my family and me drove to the countryside to spend a weekend at my grandmother’s house. There my cousins and I went to a small hillside. We rode the sledge up and down the hill. After that we had a barbecue with my parents in the evening. We grilled sausages in the fire together and then ate them with bread. This day we all went to sleep very late.
The days that I spent at the country were the most interesting of all. I enjoyed my vacation very much.

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