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Komputery powodują lenistwo ludzi – wypracowanie po angielsku

Kategoria: Język angielski   |   Dodano: 13 czerwca 2013   |   Liczba słów: 521
Komputery powodują lenistwo ludzi - wypracowanie po angielsku. Czy zgadzasz się, że komputery powodują lenistwo u ludzi?

Do you agree that computers make people lazy?

Almost everybody has a computer and especially young people are addicted to Internet and games. Computers have revolutionized the world - in some ways for the better because they do things faster and thanks to Internet there is more good information available to everyone and in some ways for the worse. For sure there are always pros and cons of using these devices.
It is much easier but not healthier to spend time in front of computer than going out and doing something physical. Computers made adults and children less physically active. It has changed life to the point where kids don't exercise or play outside no more but rather prefer to sit in front of the computer or playstation. Also when they have a book to read for school, they try to find the summary of it on the internet and read it instead, because it requires less time. Sometime ago there was no access to computer dictionaries, databases and encyclopedias, all of which are now online and people in the past had to learn how to use the card catalog at the Library. So nowadays we have it much easier - simple we type in whatever we want to know about and at once there it is at our fingertips.
However, computer is not always used as a toy, for entertainment - it can be a tool as well. You can employ a computer to do unpleasant work much more quickly. The fact is that computers or better say - operating systems can be found in other devices like cellphones, tablets and even washing machines or dishwashers. People don't need to work so hard as in the past, for example doing laundry because their work is substituted by that of machines, which can do a variety of things under a better quality and in less time. Thanks to computers we don't need to memorize phone numbers and other stuff - they do it instead of us. We all use voice or automatic dial on phones and remotes for TV, instead of dialing manually or walking to the TV to change channel. It makes people lazy because they let computers do all the work for them.
However, there are more activities where computers helped us do things faster, therefore letting us have more time for other things and which not necessarily are result of laziness. These are for instance: shopping that can be replaced with buying things via Internet and receiving payments or salary directly to their bank account so people don't need to stand in queues in their banks to withdraw money.
Summing up I have to say that computers can make people lazy in some activities. Therefore we have to realize that we can't rely on them entirely. People need to be able to do some things manually if someday we'll go back in development facing the end of our civilization. It's not so unlikely - enough to run out of power and any powered device won't work anymore.

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