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Dialog po angielsku z kolegą

Kategoria: Język angielski   |   Dodano: 10 lutego 2011   |   Liczba słów: 406

Użyte trudniejsze słowa i zwroty:

that makes two of us - to odnosi się także do mnie
get together - zbierać się, schodzić się
tearjerker - melodramat
mood - nastrój, samopoczucie, humor
glued - sklejony
couch potato - leń, który spędza mnóstwo czasu na kanapie, zwykle oglądając telewizję
involved - zaangażowany, wplątany, zainteresowany, zaabsorbowany

Andrew: Hello, everyone. Come on in. Make yourselves at home.
Paul: I'm glad we could finally get together for a little fun.
Eve: That makes two of us. What is everyone in the mood to do?
Kate: How about watching a movie? I brought several DVDs with me: a comedy, a horror movie and a tearjerker.
Paul: Please, not the tearjerker. I'm not in the mood to cry all night. Let's watch the comedy.
Eve: That's okay with me.
Andrew: Me, too. Move over a little, Kate, so we can all sit on the couch.
Kate: No way! I don't want to sit that close to you guys!
Andrew, Eve, Paul: KATE!!!
Kate: I'm just kidding. Sure, I'll move over.

[Later, while they are watching the movie.]

Kate: Pass me the popcorn, please.
Andrew: Popcorn? What popcorn?
Kate: That's funny. I thought Paul brought some popcorn.
Eve: So where is it? Paul, did you bring some popcorn?
Andrew: I don't think he hears you. He's already glued to the TV.
Eve: PAUL!!! Are you a couch potato?
Paul: Huh? Why do you ask?
Eve: Because you spend a lot of time watching TV, and you were so involved in this movie, you didn't hear us talking about the popcorn.
Paul: Oh, the popcorn! I think I left it in the car. I'll go get it.

[Paul gets the popcorn and returns.]

Carl: Now, could I please have some popcorn?
Andrew: Sure. Here you go.

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